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We have been providing clinical standard  thermology  to the veterinary industry since 2009. We initially specialised in equine screening before expanding our services to small animals and zoology work in 2014.

We have successfully developed into a national company and we are currently expanding throughout Europe.  We have a scientific and evidence based approach to thermology and its role as a diagnostic tool in veterinary medicine.  Due to our previous experience in the medical sector working with thermography, we strongly believe that the same clinical standards and principles need to be applied to veterinary thermography.

Our approach to the industry is unique. Our aim is to ensure our service is used in every day veterinary medicine just like other diagnostic tests. In most cases thermography should not be used as a standalone diagnostic tool, it needs to be integrated into veterinary practices to be used effectively as a diagnostic test and prognostic indicator. SyncThermology currently work in conjunction with many practices & professionals and we have our own team of veterinary surgeons that provide results.

You will often find our technicians running screening clinics alongside their local vets and practitioners, this ensures that the patients we screen get the very best from our service and allows them to move forward with further investigation & treatment. 

SyncThermology provides the veterinary industry with all aspects of thermology from screening services and business opportunities to our leading training courses. We also provide and use thermology equipment that is of a clinical standard and specifically designed for physiological testing. More information can be found SyncThermology’s website. We are passionate about thermology and how our imaging service contributes to diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for animals. We provide our service to owners and their veterinary professionals.