Anthony Condon, Show Jumper
The production of super star high value young horses demands that they must also be extremely sound to be worth the valuation and pass any vetting. I have been working with Sync Thermology and our vets on the preventative side of injuries. With the use of the thermal imaging technology we are able to identify problem areas at the very early stages of injury diagnosis and in some areas before the injury has developed into a full blown injury. The technology has saved me significant sums on what would have become costly veterinary bills, simply by being aware of possible weaknesses in advance and being able to treat/ work / build on these areas to ensure injuries do not occur. Thermology is a great technological innovation that is being used in many sports around the globe, which is why it first got my attention. It is one of many scanning tools we use including X Ray and MRI and should be used in a similar way to ensure your vet has the best information available when considering a treatment plans for my horses.