Billy Twomey, International Show Jumper
I am competing at the ultimate level in equestrian sport on a daily basis. I have to ensure that my horses are in the best possible state of well-being from all aspects. I use a number of different tools to establish and monitor my horses health and soundness, the key one being my vet. My vet needs a number of tools to be able to advise me on the best treatments available for my horses including existing technologies such as x-ray and MRI scanning and developing new technologies like thermal imaging. We use thermal imaging on a regular basis as it allows us to pin point far more accurately the problem areas without invasive procedures. It has lead to a significant increase in our ability to identify problem areas, far earlier and implement preventative measures to ensure injuries do not develop from minor to major and is a great preventative tool. With existing injuries it has allowed us to accurately pin point the problem areas for treatment by our vet. During recovery processes, Thermal Imaging has allowed us to monitor the recovery process, ensuring any injuries are fully healed before our horses return to work. In my opinion, thermal imaging is as influential as x ray and MRI in injury diagnostics.