Centaur Biomechanics
Centaur Biomechanics has worked with Sync Thermology since 2010 working on various projects, projects such as "Looking at the effect that Ill Fitted Saddles has on the Horses Back" and "The effect that Saddle Slippage has on Limb Kinematics". As a leading biomechanics company specialising in horse and rider performance, it is vital that we source reputable companies with sound and validated protocols. For this reason alone this is why we choose, Sync Thermoloy, Sync Thermology employ the latest thermal imaging tecniques, use clinical standard cameras and have access to leading vets for which the data and images can be interpreted efficiently and accurately. In addition to this, Sync Thermology selective train individuals who can carry out the thermal imaging, by being selective they can ensure the highest standards of scanning along with ensuring the protocols used to obtain the data are maintained and carried out.