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Neck conditions have a wide variety of clinical signs which may overlap in individual cases and make differential diagnosis difficult. Many clinical signs of neck conditions are not black and white and can include neurological signs, neck pain, and forelimb lameness. Horse owners often initially present their horses for reasons such as poor performance, fore or hind limb lameness, weakness, toe dragging, abnormal head carriage, lack of neck bend, or having the neck stuck in a fixed low position.

Adding to the diagnostic challenge, neck conditions can be complicated by other concurrent orthopaedic problems (e.g. low-grade hind limb lameness, back or pelvic problems) or neuromuscular disease, confused with rider issues (e.g. lack of riding ability, excessive expectations), or due to a horse's young age (e.g. poor muscling, behavioural problems). Thus, when examining a horse with a potential neck problem, a full clinical examination is necessary.

SyncThermology can evaluate signs of dysfunction in the neck. If you concerned about a potential neck problem the first point of call is your vet but when it comes to investigation thermography can help to evaluate nerve, soft tissue and joint changes that will assist the diagnostic stage. Lower limb lameness can be directly linked to a neck condition.


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