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Education is extremely important to SyncThermology and it is one of our areas of expertise. We have formulated courses that will add a new dimension to learning for your students. Our programmes are industry linked and will contribute to their current studies along with providing experience when working in the veterinary industry. We understand that students often need career direction and the support from the industry's leading professionals when looking for employment. We feel we can contribute to this part of the journey for many students.

SyncThermology offer scientific, robust, industry linked courses and modules that can be catered to the needs of your students. We aim to work with colleges to educate about the vast subject of thermology and the career opportunities that can be made when this technology is utilised correctly.

Modules for existing college programs:


We can provide full and half day workshops for colleges that would encapsulate a range of different lectures and practical work for students.

Work Experience and full qualifications

We have opportunities for work experience students along with the ability to provide full qualifications for selected students. Employment and business options are available along with our assistance when working on their research/dissertation projects.