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Our screening service is non-invasive, low cost and 100% safe. Our technology is mobile and provides a thorough examination of your horse's physiology. Thermography has been recognised as a useful tool in the identification of musculoskeletal and neurological injuries, especially nonspecific and difficult to diagnose lameness. We can identify a range of conditions and therefore assist diagnosis.

Our imaging service is offered via many veterinary practices and we work in conjunction with your vet and other health care professionals. All of your results are provided by one of our vets to ensure they assist diagnosis in a useful and constructive manner. Thermography, like all other diagnostics, should always be interpreted by a trained veterinary surgeon. Please be aware of companies that do not provide results from vets as they may not be able to assist your investigation.

We provide screening for lameness, pain and injury along with preventative detection and also a way to monitor recovery.

Preventative care              

Thermography can detect abnormality within tendons and ligaments 2-6 weeks before structural lesions are present. It's ability to measure inflammatory processes helps to localise initial stages of breakdown and provide a method of preventative detection/care for suitable horses. 

To quantify pain

Thermography is one of the only tests that allows you to quantify the horse's subjective feeling of pain. This can be helpful when evaluating complaints that may be related to behaviour.

To monitor recovery 

Many vets use thermography to monitor the response to treatment during rehabilitation. Thermography can measure the site of injury along with keeping an eye on any secondary issues that may be developing due to uneven gait.      

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