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Official Statement

As many of you know, SyncThermology and our Director Sophie Gent has for a few years been involved in a legal dispute with Trading Standards.  

We are pleased to announce that the case came to an end yesterday (2nd March 2020).

Trading Standards originally brought 16 charges against SyncThermology and Sophie.  Of those, 14 charges were vigorously and successfully defended.  However, we did identify errors in some historic company marketing material from 2011 - 2012 which we took full responsibility for. This led to SyncThermology and Sophie pleading guilty to two charges.

We want to take this opportunity to apologise for those mistakes.  It goes without saying that where mistakes have been made, lessons have been learned. 

We now want to look to the future and put the case behind us.  However, that has been made harder by several inaccurate news stories and posts on social media about the case, linking us to the charges that we were found not guilty of.

Despite this, we will continue to advance our clinical applications, research and overall service to the thermographic animal imaging industry. We remain deeply passionate about animal welfare and education. We would like to assure all clients and those connected to SyncThermology that our animal imaging and professional services were not related to any aspects of this case.

Finally, we want to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers, staff and partners for their understanding and support during what has been a very difficult time.  This has been, frankly, incredible and we cannot thank you enough.

Kind Regards

SyncThermology Ltd