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Our Team Continues To Expand

Our Team Continues To Expand

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As the team at SyncThermology continues to expand we welcome Louise Crow to our team of Technicians, Louise is based in Reading and joins our equine team, she has written a short blog for you.....

I have really enjoyed my training with SyncThermology which is now all complete and I’m now all set and raring to go with my new business venture. I am therefore proud to announce that I am now a fully trained SyncEquine Imaging Technician. The reason I chose to pursue a career within this arena is due to redundancy and the ‘muck heap moment’ I had, mainly because of the issues I have experienced with my event horse Rou, as explained in my first blog.

Because my role within children’s services involved recognising health and behavioural needs by working holistically to prevent, intervene and support vulnerable families. I believe these themes can be echoed within the equine industry where prevention, monitoring, effective early diagnosis and rehabilitation are also imperative both for the client and more importantly for the horse.
SyncThermology specialises in DITI (Digital Infrared Thermographic Imaging) which research has proved an effective tool in the early identification of musculoskeletal and neurological injuries, in particular non-specific and difficult to diagnose lameness.

After much research, I discovered SyncThermology not only specialise in clinical thermal imaging but offer a unique way of working within this industry. My experience of working within Children’s Services fit perfectly into the SyncThermology ethos and allows my skills to be used in the most logical and effective way. Working closely with the client, alongside their vet and other practitioners as well as SyncThermology’s own team of vets provides the opportunity to work holistically and maximise the benefits of the technology for the patient. But that is not all, the service I now provide involves performing dynamic testing which also makes our company unique from others and enhances its effectiveness. The cameras we use for screening are of a clinical standard and are also used in the health sector in particular, to detect and monitor breast disease.

Part of my training entailed undertaking my own case studies and after discussing the concept with a fellow livery, she was really keen for me to use her daughter’s pony as one of my cases.
Training Case Study:
The pony was purchased as a Christmas present after her daughter completely and utterly fell in love with him. Not long after purchase, the pony became more and more nappy and generally unhappy when ridden. The vet’s examination (determined by process of elimination) diagnosed that the issue was within the sacroiliac joint and so the joint was injected with steroids and Harvey has shown great improvement after a period of rehabilitation.
The thermal data I collected as part of my case study was sent to Sync's team of vets who analyse the images and provide a veterinary report as part of the service. The report was comprehensive and confirmed the sacroiliac region as a potential source of his issues but also showed potential issues in the right hind foot and both hocks. Harvey will continued to be screened to monitor his progress and hopefully ascertain that these are secondary implications.

Already my own experience of DITI has proved really positive and I am even more inspired, excited and confident that my experience and skills will make a difference to my clients and their team of professionals. Most importantly for Sync we aim to improve welfare by ensuring our patients receive clinical and scientific standards where DITI is used as part of a veterinary investigation. What I have found most endearing about the process is how the horse soon relaxes and even starts to pose for the images, not always getting the right pose I hasten to add! I have genuinely really enjoyed scanning and getting to spend time with horses in a totally new way.

Over the course of the next couple of months I will be giving demonstrations and explaining more about the company and how it all works. My first demo will be at my own yard where I can use my fellow livery friends as guinea pigs before I dive into the huge horse world which is all around us.

If you are interested in a free consultation and or would like a demonstration at your yard, please feel free to email me: lou@syncequine.com
Can’t wait to get out there to meet and work with you!

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