Head Office: 0845 519 5971

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Region Covered : Yorkshire

Telephone : 0781 777 6313

Email : emma@egreenanimalphysio.co.uk

E Green Animal Physiotherapy

Specialists in equine and canine physiotherapy.

Using manual physiotherapy techniques and Electrotherapy to rehabilitate and maintain health, function, mobility and performance. Whether your horse or dog is a top competitor or your family pet, I offer treatments for a range of problems including lack of performance, joint and back problems, rehabilitation, muscular injury, strain or soreness, fractures and much more. I have over 25 years experience working with horses of all disciplines and often treat competition, working and companion dogs. I work with a chain of leading veterinary practices as their in house physiotherapist and a number of equine charities and canine training establishments. I am fully qualified, licensed and insured and I am backed by governing bodies such as IAAT (International Association of Animal Physiotherapists). Covering the Yorkshire area.

Website: www.egreenanimalphysio.co.uk