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Region Covered : North West

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One of my primary reasons for becoming involved in this area of work and for setting up Invive Animal Health was my experience with my first horse. When I finally bought him, having dreamed of owning a horse for many years, I had a long wish list of things to achieve and assumed it would all be relatively easy. That, sadly, was not to be the case and, after less than 12 months of ownership, I found myself with a horse who was not fit to be ridden.
Many months of conversations and appointments with vets, saddlers, dentists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, instructors and pretty much everyone else I could think of followed. I was amazed by the lack of understanding from many people I spoke to and, had I received a pound for everyone who told me he was ‘having me on’ or to ‘give him a smack’, I’d have easily been able to fund everyone who came to see him!

Looking back, I still find it difficult to believe how so many people – people who were professionally involved with horses – wouldn’t give him the benefit of the doubt and refused to believe there was anything physically wrong with him. A very small number listened and understood, and these are people who continue to have my utmost respect and I will recommend anyone to work with them.

I never did manage to find out what was wrong with him, despite many years of trying, and we never did complete most of my wish list, but he left a far greater legacy than I ever expected. I don’t want any animal, or owner, to go through what we did, or to face the problems with professionals who don’t listen to what’s important.

Using techniques that work, and are proven to work, is hugely important to me, but so is an ability to listen and understand both the animals and owners that I work with. I firmly believe that most behavioural issues in animals are caused by physical pain, insecurity or fear and that treatment, rather than force, should be the way forward. The techniques I use now are ones I discovered too late to help my horse, but I know they can help many others.

At Invive Animal Health, I focus on three key areas to help you and your animals:

  • rehabilitation following injury or illness;

  • pain management

  • improving movement, mobility and performance.

All of the techniques that I use deal with one or more of these areas, though the effects of treatments can be more wide ranging and may help with a variety of conditions unrelated to the above.

"Improving animal health, wellbeing and performance through innovative, effective techniques"
-Hazel Cox