Head Office: 0845 519 5971

Lucy Bounden Bsc.(hons) MSc.MAA. BHS AI ‹ Return to Full List

Region Covered : Thames Valley

Telephone : 07849 867 987

Email : www.animalspine.com

Animal spine is a specialised professional service providing Animal McTimoney Back Therapy and Equine and Rider Coaching.

Based on the borders of Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, near Princes Risborough Lucy Bounden combines her professional knowledge and competitive riding experience to provide an effective service whether treating animal back pain, training horses or teaching riders.

Lucy believes that McTimoney therapy is a vital part to any animals health routine. Ensuring an animal is pain free and comfortable in its back is very important whether you are training an event horse to walking your family pet dog. An animals physical development is influenced by all aspects of life therefore owners need to understand their animal and practice correct methods of care to help keep them fit and healthy. Lucy's understanding of anatomy, movement and behaviour enables her to be a highly skilled animal professional.