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Meet Kate Clapperton

Wednesday, August 31, 2016  ‹ Back To Latest News List

Meet Kate Clapperton our imaging technicians for SyncCanine Yorkshire 

Kate owns Splashy Pups Hydrotherapy in Sheffield and is also part of our canine imaging team. After a year working with vets in hydrotherapy centres, Kate set up her own clinic in Sheffield and has been providing highly effective hydrotherapy and physiotherapy to canine patients for the last 10 years. Keen to keep abreast of new technologies, Kate was delighted to meet SyncThermology at a training event and was eager to use this cutting edge technology to help others. Kate is particularly interested in its applications in the agility world. With her own team of seven dogs ranging from the youngsters training at grade 3 to the champ level boys at grade 7; Kate uses the technology to monitor the performance of her dogs and assess the stresses and strains agility can place on them. Kate’s agility dogs are featured in this newsletter.

Kate regularly competes in agility but sadly one of her dogs sustained a fracture to his hind leg which has put him out of competition for a little while. When joining SyncCanine Kate felt that this was the perfect technology to monitor his progress and rehabilitation after the initial veterinary treatment and X-rays. The images below taken as part of the monitoring process, show that there is still a hyperthermic response from the body post exercise in the area where the callus has now formed over the metatarsals. This demonstrates how important it is to perform dynamic testing on a dog when scanning. The technology has really helped Kate to adjust his exercise levels depending on the amount of inflammation detected on the scan and decrease the level of exercise at an earlier stage when necessary preventing any additional problems. Kate will continue to monitor the fracture throughout the rehabilitation period and hopefully it won’t be long until they are back out competing again.

Kate regularly holds clinics and demonstration evenings/afternoons at her own centre Splashy Pups Hydrotherapy in Sheffield as well as at her agility events. The clinics have proved very popular for her Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy clients but also for customers to look at monitoring but also to help diagnose a previous problem or lameness. In August Kate held a demo afternoon at a local agility talk, the event was a great success and all of the spectators were very interested in the technology and what it could provide for them. Kates next screening clinic will be held at Splashy Pups in Sheffield on 14th September, limited spaces are available and if you would like to contact Kate for a free consultation or to book into the clinic please see her details 07989 077519 or email kate@splashy-pups-hydrotherapy.co.uk.

Kate’s tips for healthy joints:

  • A healthy diet – Kate supplements her dogs’ diet with salmon oil which is rich in omega 3 and 6. A third of their diet is also raw, containing salmon, duck or venison; again high in beneficial oils. She also adds a supplement aimed at promoting joint mobility.
  • Weight management – Kate’s dogs are weighed weekly to ensure they stay at their optimum weight for competing. However all dogs should be kept at a healthy weight as overweight dogs are naturally more prone to joint related conditions. Your vet can advise you on the optimum weight for your dog.
  • Swimming – Either at a hydrotherapy pool or the sea/river can help maintain suppleness and stability of the joints and supportive tissues.
  • Exercise – Kate’s dogs have 3 walks a day; regular and appropriate exercise is important for all dogs

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