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2015 Annual Conference

Thursday, December 03, 2015  ‹ Back To Latest News List

2015 Conference at the Unicorn Trust

Every year we have an annual team conference that is dedicated to improving our knowledge of imaging, the veterinary industry and how we as a company can contribute to the improvement of animal welfare. This year our team event was held at the Unicorn Trust Equestrian Centre in Stow on the Wold and was a great success. We had a three day event with numerous lectures and workshops along with our superb Christmas party. All team members complete annual CPD courses to ensure we continue to deliver the industry with the best possible service.

Russell Guire from Centaur Biomechanics was with us on Friday and our team learnt more about the world of biomechanics and some of the amazing work that Centaur has done to improve animal welfare. As a company we practice scientific and evidence based imaging therefore our technicians often need to stress test patients and review them after exercise, Russell helped to improve our knowledge of gait analysis and I am sure it will help us all do a better job in 2016. We all thoroughly enjoyed Russell’s course and we had some great discussions about project ideas for next year, SyncThermology have worked with Russell and the team on a few projects already and we were delighted to see that some of our work has already contributed to the veterinary industry.
Two members of our team brought their own horses for gait assessments and to be ridden in a practical workshop for Russell. Lucy Challis and Miranda Heynes are SyncThermology South and drove the troops over to the Unicorn Trust for the day, we learnt a great deal as a team and we look forward to working with Centaur again in the Future. We fully recommend his courses and we are delighted to see industry professionals like Russell support SyncThermology. Here are a few words from him.

“Centaur Biomechanics has worked with Sync Thermology since 2010 working on various projects, projects such as "Looking at the effect that Ill Fitted Saddles has on the Horses Back" and "The effect that Saddle Slippage has on Limb Kinematics". As a leading biomechanics company specialising in horse and rider performance, it is vital that we source reputable companies with sound and validated protocols. For this reason alone this is why we choose, Sync Thermology, Sync Thermology employ the latest thermal imaging techniques, use clinical standard cameras and have access to leading vets for which the data and images can be interpreted efficiently and accurately. In addition to this, Sync Thermology selective train individuals who can carry out the imaging, by being selective they can ensure the highest standards of scanning along with ensuring the protocols used to obtain the data are maintained and carried out.”

Our day finished with a short advanced imaging course where cold stressing was demonstrated by Dr Peter Leando. The team learnt more about new techniques that will be used in our service next year. We finished off Friday with a trip to the Kings Head pub in Stow for our first feast and a good team catch up. Saturday started early and we had an excellent presentation by Dr Leando on the autonomic nervous system, many external delegates came along and were fascinated with the lecture and some of the topics discussed. We looked at the application in human medicine and how our interpretation software really does make the difference to the accuracy of our service. Dr Leando has lectured all over the world and we were delighted to have him with us for a full morning workshop. After lunch Alice Sheldon from Towcester & Onley Equine Vets presented and we learnt all about the equine spine and DSP resection surgery, there was an element of gore as we watched videos of Alice performing surgery… straight after lunch. We asked Alice to present to our team to gain a better understanding of spinal pathology and the challenges vets face when attempting to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate back conditions. We deal with many suspected spinal cases and now our team feel even more confident about our service and where Thermology will be effective. Following Alice’s presentation we then presented our research plan to the group for next year, we are very excited to be starting our own research project on the effectiveness of Thermology when used to identify pathology in the equine spine, we are looking to image horses before they have scintigraphy or other forms of investigation and correlate the results. We are looking for 200 cases and we are working with many equine hospitals and practices next year, we have already collected data but we are now ready to get serious and get some stats. We received excellent feedback from Alice’s lecture and we look forward to continue working with her in 2016. Towcester & Onley Equine Vets also have a naked charity calendar out which we think is a must have item for you Christmas stocking… go their website for more info. Towcester Equine Vets.

Following Alice’s presentation we had a short session on monitoring performance horses and an excellent session with Hawksmoor Hydrotherapy Centre. Sarah Marlow & Sue Hawkins presented on the benefits of canine hydrotherapy and the huge subject of hip dysplasia in dogs. Hawksmoor are the UK’s centre of excellence for canine hydrotherapy training and are just brilliant to work with. We are looking forward to holding our canine training at Hawksmoor next year. We also had the opportunity to present a new research paper on Medical Infrared Imaging of Normal and Dysplastic Elbows in Dogs by Dominic Marino, a very exciting paper for the veterinary world.

We then had our case round were the team learnt more about stifle pathology, TMJ and neurological disorders and how Thermology can assist in the diagnosis and general evaluation. We finished the day off with our Vet Quiz which split the group up into groups of 5 with their very own farm yard buzzers… 30 very competitive people battled for our amazing animals rucksacks and penguin mascot prize.
We had our team Christmas party on Saturday evening and everyone got involved and came in fancy dress. We had everything from snowmen to man sized turkey suits. A great evening that finished off with a human synchronized dressage in the arena.
The conference finished off with our business day, there was a few sore heads but all disappeared as we got into the business development plans for next year, no time for hangovers at SyncThermology we have a fantastic year ahead.
We would like to thank all our lecturers for their time and brilliant presentations, we are already planning our 2016 event. We would also like to thank Fran and her team at the Unicorn Trust for amazing food, you really did look after us all very well.

Here are a few words from the Director of SyncThermology Sophie Gent
“This year’s event was very special as I witnessed 8 years of hard work come together in one place, the support my company has received from veterinary practices and leading industry professionals has been heart-warming and I am so delighted that many in the industry are really rooting for us. For me the best bit about the conference is spending time with the team who are all amazing individuals and are truly a pleasure to work with. I would like to say a huge thank you to all the team members that have had faith in Sync and have stuck with me to help me navigate this crazy journey. On to a huge year for the SyncThermology and I can’t wait for 2016!”