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5 Reasons to join the Sync Team

Thursday, November 29, 2018  ‹ Back To Latest News List

5 reasons to join Sync Thermology’s team

2018 has been a great year for SyncThermology, we have been operating for nearly 10 years and have established an experienced team of technicians that provide canine, equine and zoology imaging services along with our own veterinary surgeons that provide bespoke interpretation/ reports to the industry.   Our team cover the UK and more recently Europe, New Zealand and America. We are looking forward to 2019 and working on some very exciting projects with our team.

There are some popular services in the equine and canine industry and many courses offering to train you as an animal therapist but if hands on therapy isn’t for you then a clinical imaging business with SyncThermology might be. Thermographic imaging is an area of the veterinary sector that is growing at a steady rate and we have some excellent opportunities for you to set up as a Sync Imaging Technician and run your own business with support from our professional team. Our now international team are extremely proud of the work that has been achieved so far and as we continue to expand, we hope to find like minded individuals to part of a very exciting journey.  

  1. Comprehensive Training

We offer complete imaging training to our technicians and provide ongoing quality control to ensure clinical standards are maintained.  We invest into our technician’s by providing continual professional development that is delivered at our annual conferences and throughout the year.  Our team are always learning and are committed to developing their skills. It you enjoy developing your professional skills then our programme may be right for you.

2. Unique Veterinary Interpretation Team

     SyncThermology has a bespoke interpretation/ analysis system and an experienced team of veterinary surgeons that provide results. This ensures patients continue to receive clinical standards during the results process and throughout ongoing investigations. Our imaging technicians are a vital part of this process hence our commitment to ongoing CPD. We are also now able to offer results in Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese.

3. Our Welcoming Team

One of the benefits to setting up your business with Sync is our welcoming team and professional colleagues you will be working with. You will be self employed with the added benefit of having a supportive team to develop your business with. Our CPD courses, monthly webinars and team events are the perfect chance to meet other members and gain ideas for your business.

4. Pioneer with us

Physiological imaging (thermography) is an area of the veterinary industry that is progressive. You would be working with a team of hardworking, forward-thinking individuals that are all working towards one goal; seeing physiological imaging available to animal patients in mainstream veterinary medicine. Animal welfare is at the heart of our company, and you would be working to make this technology available to patients in your local community. We have seen the benefits of imaging first hand and results inspires us everyday to keep improving what we do.

5. Business for your lifestyle 
One of the things we like most about our business is the flexibility to build it around other commitments. Technicians run their own diary and develop their business at a pace that suits them, this could mean spending more time at home with family or your animal friends. Everyone is different but our team make it work around their lifestyle. Take a look at one of our teams blogs, a day in the life of a sync imaging technician.

If joining our team is of interest, then complete our contact form and request our Business Prospectus. This will provide you with more information on the service/ technology, business opportunity and our company. Tell us a little more about you and your background and why you would like to consider joining the team. 

Once you have looked through our information which will include our Introduction Course Prospectus please email us to express your interest and we will look to booking a chat over the phone. You could even email your CV to tell us more about you.

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