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A day in the life of SyncThermology’s Managing Director Sophie Gent

Sunday, April 08, 2018  ‹ Back To Latest News List
When our office team asked me to write a piece on a day in my life the first thought I had was that no one will believe me when I tell them what the average day consists of… I decided my plan was to diary log the next working day and see how it went.

We are a small to medium size company so my work includes some of the most exciting jobs you could think of such as working with the animals at the Zoo, researching with leading industry professionals and exhibiting at Europe’s biggest veterinary events but on the other side of coin I could be cleaning the wheels out on one of our machines, battling with account paperwork and washing out the coffee cups after a long day of training. My work changes every day and I must admit that is why I love my job. I am currently 8 months pregnant but thankfully have not suffered from baby brain yet, but the practical tasks are now getting a little difficult.

My day:

6:00: I woke up to my favourite faces… literally. That would be my Lab Jake and Springer Spaniel Ruby. My dogs are the wingmen of SyncThermology and they really do believe they earn their keep but this morning they decided to stay in bed as a 6am start was a little too early for them. I had a very exciting Webinar booked with one of Asia Award Winning Zoo’s so at 6:30 I signed on and delivered a 1-hour presentation to their veterinary surgeons with my colleague Lucy Challis. The power of technology is just amazing and it all happened before breakfast!

7:30: Jake and Ruby decided to get out of bed, so we continued our day as normal with a good walk around the farm we live on. We are based in Cheshire and the countryside is amazing, so the dogs have a great life running around off leash.

9:00: In to the office (which is next door to the house) and all heaters are on full blast as it is 2 degrees. I have a few major jobs to complete today along with some interesting meetings. We are about to launch our new interpretation sever so I had to complete some final testing with our veterinary team first thing which all went smoothly and then my phone calls started. One major task was confirming our 2018 Winter Team Conference venue at Longleat Safari Park which we are super excited about.

11:00: Webinar with our new veterinary surgeon Rodrigo who is based in Allicanti. Rodrigo is joining us in April for training and will be helping to launch SyncThermology in Spain. It is also great news for our international interpretations as report will soon be able to be provided in Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese.

13:00: I grabbed some lunch, cleaned the wheels of my equipment (which were full of bedding) and headed off to complete a scan for Wrexham Equine Vets which is one of my local veterinary practices. A complex case had been referred last week and as I had the kit in the office I nominated myself to do it. I visited 7-year-old Appaloosa Molly who has been dealing with a complex lameness for over 3 years. She was an absolute gem to scan so it was a straight forward appointment.

15:00: I got back to the office and processed Mollys report, so it was with our vets ready for interp. I answered some emails, cracked open the biscuits and got the kettle on. Jake and Ruby were cosy by the heater in the office but starting to stir as their inbuilt walkometer was gearing up. I had a quick chat to one of our new technicians who was out completing her case studies and needed some advice on a horse she was visiting.

16:00: I started to review some of the data from a recent research project that we completed with Galen Therapy Centre in January. We screened a group of canine patients and monitored them over 4 weeks of treatment with Julia Robertson, leading myofascial therapist and director of Galen and it was time to think about correlating all the data. One of our canine team members Kat was on the phone giving her feedback also and before you know it the biscuits has gone…. But that was ok as I blamed the baby.

17:00: Jake the lab was staring a hole in my head and was ready for walkies so off we went into the woods for round two. I also have an 18 year old ex race horse called Crozan who is currently at a local livery yard, he normally plays a part in each day but there was no time to visit today. He is on holiday for a few months and thinks he has retired but I can’t wait to get back on board.

18:00: Tea time for everyone and my better half Carles has made a feast for us all.

19:00: Last event of the day was a webinar with our veterinary team to discuss the months cases and service improvements. Pat, Ciara and Alice are all super busy in their own practices so getting an hour together once a month is very important. We talked over some great cases and the issues we had with the cold weather.

20:00: The day is over, and I am on the couch with the dogs and pudding.
Today was an average day in the office but it was good fun as are most days running a company like SyncThermology. One of the best things about working in the veterinary/ animal industry I that I get to be with my dogs every day, I can tailor my own diary and I get to work with the most amazing team of people. Life can be crazy, but it is also brilliant!

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