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Award Winning Imaging Service for Horse Owners across the North West

Wednesday, January 25, 2017  ‹ Back To Latest News List

Meet the team that provide an Award Winning, non invasive imaging service to Veterinary Practice and horse owners across the North West. 

SyncThermology’s Head Office is based in Cheshire and covers a national service but we have team of local technicians that are dedicated to providing a full time imaging service to Veterinary Practices, local horse and pet owners across the North West. The team cover appointments throughout Lancashire, Derbyshire, Cheshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire & North Wales and offer clients free consultations along with provide demonstrations for yards and riding clubs that would like further information about the service. The team are also busy providing CPD for local professionals and completing research with Phillip Leverhulme Equine Hospital.  The Branch is ran by Sophie Gent and her team of imaging technicians Kat Kuczynska & Abi Austin. 

SyncEquine specialise in clinical standard physiological imaging, more commonly known in the industry as thermography. We have recently won an Animal Health Award for the Best in Equine & Companion Animal Medical Screening and work in conjunction with vets to support investigation and assist diagnosis. The service is used by many practices to identify pathology and localise areas of autonomic dysfunction which may correlate with pain and signs of dysfunction. As the technology does not require sedation it can be a good place to start before further investigation. Spinal conditions, arthritis and the early stages of injury and disease can be identified by the service. 

At some point we all wonder if our horse’s behavioural changes are linked to pain, many owners notice subtle changes to their horse’s performance or a reluctance to do daily activities. A low mood, aggressive behaviour or napping can all be signs that your horse is in pain. It can be difficult to make the decision to launch into a full veterinary investigation particularly in the absence of lameness but a local imaging service from SyncEquine and their team of professionals may be able to help. 

Using SyncEquine’s Service:
Using thermography for your horse is 100% safe and does not require sedation. Travelling horses is minimised as the team can visit your yard if your environment is suitable for imaging. Clients also have the option of taking their horse to a local veterinary clinic. Appointments can be booked direct or via your veterinary surgeon and normally take up to 1 hour 30 minutes for a full body assessment. 

Technology & Results:
SyncEquine only use clinical grade imaging equipment and all results are provided by their team of experienced Veterinary Surgeons. When using thermography for your horse many aspects must come together to achieve accurate results. Just like all other diagnostic tests results should be interpreted and reported on by trained veterinary surgeons who can reliably factor previous and current clinical signs into their analysis of images. Thermography is a test of physiology, so without an in depth knowledge of the autonomic system the correct analysis can be difficult; owners wouldn’t expect their horses’ x-rays or MRI scan to be reported on by anyone other than a vet and thermography should be no different.

Select a quality controlled service, select SyncEquine

To book your consultation, arrange a demonstration to talk to them about working with the service please contact them via their website www.syncequine.com or on 0845 519 5971