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Equine Poor Performance Pilot Study

Monday, December 04, 2017  ‹ Back To Latest News List

SyncThermology are currently looking for 30 horses to take part in a research project investigating the benefits of thermography in relation to diagnosing and assessing poor performance in horses. Our aim is to take a group of horses with a history of poor performance and provide a full body imaging assessment free of charge, to identify any areas of abnormality for further investigation. We aim to gain data to further support the use of physiological imaging technology in the initial investigation stages of poor performance and low grade lameness. If you think your horse may be a suitable candidate to take part in the study or you are a Practitioner with suitable patients or cases, we are keen to hear from you too.

Many of our clients contact us because their horse is “not quite right”, they have noticed a negative change in behaviour, a low grade, intermittent or subtle lameness or they're simply not performing to their normal standard. With no obvious causes it can be difficult to decide what is the next best course of action.


  • Owners need to be committed to following through with the investigation, if areas of abnormality are detected it may mean additional diagnostics will be required.
  • You must be referred by your veterinary practice. We would contact them to discuss the requirements and request the referral.
  • You must provide a full clinical history.
  • Your horses data will be shared during the study and we would like to follow your horse throughout any investigation and correlate all findings.
  • We will require permission to seek copies of other diagnosis modalities used.
  • We will require some additional information from you regarding discipline, age, breed.
  • We would like a horse and rider profile and a picture of your horse for our write up.

If your horse fits the above requirements and you are happy to consent, please register your horse for consideration by completing our short survey using the link below, including providing your contact details.

Click here to fill out our survey to be considered for the project