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New to Oakham Veterinary Hospital - Physiological Imaging Technology For Their Canine Patients

Monday, February 05, 2018  ‹ Back To Latest News List

New to Oakham Veterinary Hospital - Physiological Imaging Technology For Their Canine Patients

Physiological imaging technology from SyncThermology is now available for the canine patients of Oakham Veterinary Hospital.  Regular clinics for scanning are available now and are conducted by experienced local SyncCanine Imaging Technician- Shelley Heading.

The service is provided by the small animal branch of SyncThermology, who pride themselves as leading specialists in the clinical application of physiological imaging. The technology is a simple, non-invasive scan that does not require sedation making it suitable for those pets who may be considered high risk under general anaesthetic.  The added benefit is that most pets find the procedure stress free as there is no contact with the equipment. This type of imaging can be utilised to assist in the assessment of a wide range of conditions and diseases and is commonly used to provide a full body analysis and identify areas of abnormality. This can help to support lameness investigation, early disease detection and evaluate potential areas of pain.  

Imaging appointments may take up to 1 hour and involves a non-contact examination using a clinical system at the practice. The results, provided by trained interpreting vets from SyncThermology, will include objective opinion, recommendation and information which may assist diagnosis, help to select treatment options and monitor your pet’s recovery.  These reports will be delivered to the referring and treating vets at Oakham Veterinary Hospital.

Oakham Veterinary Hospital has accredited tier 3 hospital status by the RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) and offers a complete veterinary service from routine vaccinations, health checks and friendly nurse clinics to specialist surgery.   Oakham also have a clinical association with The University of Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine and Science giving them access to leading specialists at the vet school on a daily basis.

The latest technology addition, is provided by SyncThermology who have had 10 years of experience in developing the technology, as well as best practice procedure, and are delighted to work in conjunction with Oakham Veterinary Hospital and their experienced professional team.  If you would like more information, please contact the practice or local technician Shelley Heading for a free consultation. You can also read more about the service at www.synccanine.com

About Shelley:

Shelley has worked with dogs for over 22 years as a qualified trainer and behaviour advisor. She has gained invaluable experience working a range of complex behavioural issues and applying straightforward, practical training techniques. Shelley consults for the Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire Police dog unit along with many veterinary practices across Peterborough. Through her practice Shelley realised the importance is identifying physical issues and pain that many be influencing behaviour and consequently the dog’s ability to train effectively.  Physiological imaging can help to identify conditions and localise areas of potential pain/ discomfort which lead to Shelley training as a canine imaging technician with SyncThermology in 2017.

Shelley says

“The welfare of our pets and ensuring dogs are happy and comfortable before training has always been  my top priority.  I am delighted to be able to expand my services and provide the East Midlands with a technology that will raise the awareness of the importance of early disease and injury detections and the identification of pain in our pets.  I am personally delighted to provide this service to Oakham Veterinary Hospital and their patients.”

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