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New Year A New Career?

Tuesday, January 17, 2017  ‹ Back To Latest News List

The New Year can force us to reflect on what we are happy with in our lives and which aspects we would like to improve. For some 2017 will be the year to make a change, to find your passion and set new goals to improve your life. Many of us seek job satisfaction and to feel valued in the work place so part of the process may mean a change of career or opening your own business. 

Opening or even expanding your own business can be a scary task as it means leaving behind the security of employment and the beloved payday but it also comes with its own set of benefits; the ability to increase your income generated by your own efforts, doing something you are passionate about and the freedom to set your own hours are just a few reasons why many of us take the plunge.
If your passion is to work with animals, then this the industry is full of self-employed opportunities. There are many educational courses that are relatively simple to access even without prior experience but ensuring you can hit the ground running and make a business out of them takes careful consideration.
There are some popular services in the equine and canine industry and many courses offering to train you as an animal therapist but if hands on therapy isn’t for you then a clinical imaging business might be. An area of the veterinary sector that is growing is thermography services and there are opportunities for you set up as an imaging technician and run your own business. 

So what is Thermography?

Thermography is a non-invasive test of physiology. Portable technology allows technicians to screen for injury, disease and signs of autonomic dysfunction without the need for sedation. The technology can help to isolate areas of abnormality so further diagnostic tests can be performed. Its is relativity low cost, simple to perform and full body assessments can be completed within a short space of time taking screening programs to a new level. Thermography is a popular service with both horse and pet owners as its non-invasive and when used correctly can assist lameness investigation, the monitoring of existing injuries and the patient’s response to treatment. 

Things to consider if you are thinking of working in the thermography or animal sector;
• Will local Veterinary Surgeons want to work with or support your service/ product?
• If it’s a service you wish to provide will the course you are taking provide you with the correct training/ qualifications to meet industry criteria and demand.
• Will you be part of an organisation or company that can support and back up your new venture? 

How to run a successful thermology service?
There are several thermographic imaging services in the veterinary industry but to ensure you meet the above check list, there are several aspects to consider. Thermography is not a standalone service and will require an integrated approach from your local vets and professionals. To enable professionals to utilise your service, the technology should be part of veterinary investigation and used alongside other diagnostics. To successfully operate at this level and a gold standard approach is needed. 

Tips for a Gold Standard Imaging Service;

• Firstly, to achieve accurate results that Vets can work from the equipment you use needs to be carefully selected. Clinical grade imaging equipment is preferable as it is designed to detect extremely accurate data and has high sensitivity, specificity and most importantly repeatability. Clinical equipment is of the same required standard to operate in human medicine.
• Your results should be provided by an experienced Veterinary Surgeon. In a similar vein to all other diagnostics, results should be interpreted and reported on by specifically trained Veterinary Surgeons who can reliably factor previous and current clinical signs into their analysis of images. Thermography is a test of physiology, so without an in-depth knowledge of the autonomic system the correct analysis can be a mine-field; owners wouldn’t expect their horses’ x-rays or MRI scan to be reported on by anyone other than a Vet and thermography should be no different.
• The way you image patients can dramatically effect results so a standardised approach is necessary. Ensuring you are employing best techniques and can adapt your skills to collect accurate data is vital. It is important that your work is reviewed by peers on a regular basis to ensure good quality control is practiced, this also puts you in good stead with local Vets and equine and canine para professionals.

How to train?
There are several companies that provide thermography training. It is important that you select a training course that will support your learning needs and the type of business you would like to run. Due to a range of services, professionals are not always initially supportive of thermology, so joining a company/ organisation that already offers the industry a gold standard, quality controlled imaging service is normally the most cost effective and rewarding option. Joining a company will also help to ensure you are supported by a team of professionals who have commercial business experience and can educate you to operate on your own. Previous experience is not always necessary and most courses start from scratch. Full training can take up to 2 months to complete inclusive of some home study.
Running your own thermography business suits individuals who have a good knowledge of the veterinary industry, enjoy working with animals and want to work closely other para professionals. Attention to detail, a passion for animal welfare and a scientific approach to thermology is a must. 

Sophie Gent – MD SyncThermology, L3 ACCT Trainer
“I set up SyncThermology and our training programmes in 2008 after several years of working with the technology in human medicine. I have witness the benefits of thermology and how is can assist diagnosis when successfully integrated into veterinary medicine and when a gold standard approach is employed. Our team have trained many technicians that work with us to develop a quality controlled service. It is an exciting time for the technology and there are some excellent business opportunities available in the industry for the right candidates” 

We hope this article provided informative information, it may even inspire a new career. If you would like more information about joining SyncThermology then get in touch with the team.