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Screening For The Young Horse This January

Monday, January 05, 2015  ‹ Back To Latest News List

Screening young horses for injury and disease is something many of us take very seriously. X-rays are taken to monitor joint development, ultrasound is used regularly to review soft tissue structures and now thermal imaging is used to assess the body for abnormalities. SyncThermology can help you to locate niggling issues, isolate lameness and provide a method of preventive detection for your young horse.

Some of the industry’s top professionals have been utilising our technology to monitor their horses before they go into training and even throughout their first season. This technology can help to isolate potential problems that may affecting performance along with monitoring the continued response to therapy and training. Thermal imaging has helped practitioners and vets to select and adapt treatment plans for many young horses.

Our imaging equipment is utilised by some veterinary professionals to assist diagnosis and rehabilitation but the preventative scope of the technology is also very effective. Collecting a stable, healthy baseline of the patient is the first stage as this makes isolating dysfunction in the future an easier job for our vets. Once this baseline is collected, regular monitoring can start and this can be built into training regimes as the horse get older. Once a normal baseline is archived, thermography can help to monitor joint changes, musculoskeletal and bone conditions, neurological and nerve activity along with subtle asymmetries. In normal subjects there is a symmetrical dermal pattern which is consistent and reproducible for any individual so subtle findings can be easily located.

Our service is cost effective, non-invasive and does not require any sedation. The equipment is mobile and horses can be evaluated in a suitable screening area at the yard without the need for travel. As there is no contact is it suitable for needle shy or young horses and a full objective report from our specialist veterinary surgeons will be provided. This is an additional tool for professionals and owners to utilise and can help to isolate conditions in young horses that may lead to problems when work loads are increased.

Do you have a young horse with a worrisome conditions or would you just like them to have general health screening? This month we are offering you the chance to win a full assement for your colt or filly, all you need to do is post a picture of them on our facebook or twitter page and tell us why they should win.

We also have a great January offer for your colt or filly! As they are half the size we have decided to offer you screening for half the price. A full body assessment with interpretation from one of our vets is now only £100. If you only want to collect the baseline images for future use it is £50. Book before the 31st of January for this offer.