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Screening Giraffes At Marwell Zoo

Wednesday, August 20, 2014  ‹ Back To Latest News List

Our technician Lucy Challis has been busy screening at Marwell Zoo. Working at the Zoo is always exciting and Lucy had a great time screening the Giraffes. Our service has been used successfully in early lameness detection, detecting musculo-skeletal problems, masititis detection, pregnancy detection, malignant growth detection, monitoring of degenerative diseases and monitoring recovery from injury that has required stitching.

This Autumn we are undertaking a large research project with UK's Zoos to collect data on a disease called bumblefoot. "Bumblefoot” is the common term for inflammation or infection of the weight-bearing surface of the foot and is commonly found in captive birds. SyncThermology will be screening flamingos and penguins with a team of vets and professionals, we are excited to get started and we will provide you with more information soon.