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SyncThermology Are Expanding Our Team Of Technicians

Monday, March 23, 2015  ‹ Back To Latest News List

SyncThermology Are Expanding Our Team Of Technicians

SyncThermology are currently expanding our professional team of Technicians around the UK.  Our Technician role gives you the flexibility to create your own work/life balance while being involved in a dynamic and expanding industry with the association of a trusted and reputable brand.

SyncThermology operate a very simple business model, this is based on years of experience in the veterinary industry. Setting up a new business is both challenging and life changing. Most individuals will flourish if they select a business that they are passionate about, a sector that they have experience in, combined with a realistic business plan. We know what it takes to run a successful and profitable SyncThermology branch and we have designed a business structure that plays to the strengths of our team members and allows them to concentrate on building their business.

SyncThermology’s business concept and approach to the industry is unique. Our aim is to ensure our service is used in every day veterinary medicine just like other diagnostic tests. In most cases thermography should not be used as a stand-alone diagnostic tool, it needs to be integrated into veterinary practices to be used effectively as a diagnostic test and prognostic indicator. SyncThermology currently work in conjunction with many practices and we have our own team of veterinary surgeons that provide results. You will often find our technicians running screening clinics alongside their local vets, this ensures that the patients we screen get the very best from our service and allows them to move forward with further investigation & treatment.

We have a friendly and professional team at Sync and here are some of the qualities we look for in our new team members.

Industry experienced

Experience running your own business

Self-motivated and enthusiastic

Relevant network of contacts

Looking to invest into a business

Personable & professional

Team player and hardworking

 If you are interested in joining our team and running your own business then get in touch for more information.