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SynEquine Sharing Knowledge In Northumberland

Monday, May 14, 2018  ‹ Back To Latest News List

At SyncEquine, we are passionate about education and improving the welfare of horses. One of the ways in which we do this, is by delivering informative lecture demos around the country with the aim of educating people on the technology and the correct/appropriate use of it. Over the years thermography has often been, and still is, marketed as a standalone tool which sits outside veterinary treatment or care. We are proud to be changing this understanding. Thermography is a very powerful tool but it has to be used in conjunction with traditional diagnostic modalities, veterinary investigation, treatment and rehabilitation. Our technicians share our passion for making clinical standard thermography well understood and appropriately utilised and are often seen networking at local events.

Sheree Baxter, our equine technician based in Northumberland, recently organised and delivered an informative

client lecture at East Lilburn Equestrian Center. The evening had a good turnout but still allowed for some practical hands on experience for attendees. Sheree began the evening with a lecture on the technology including, what to look for if people were considering using it for their horses and discussed some of  our case studies. The lecture was followed up by an interactive question and answer session. Special thanks go to Susan Clarke for making delicious cakes and serving the teas and coffees which went down very well.

A practical demonstration followed, where attendees had the chance to watch a horse being scanned and see the technology in practice. Thanks to Yard Manager Emma Hunter for allowing Sheree to use her horse for the demonstration.

Special thanks go to centre owner Alison Wrangham for hosting the evening. East Lilburn Equestrian has fantastic facilities which Sheree will be utilising for scanning patients in the future. If you are based in the North East/Scottish Borders and would like to enquire about a physiological assessment for your horse, contact Sheree on 07900065864 or sheree@syncequine.com.

Informative lectures and demos are organised by our local technicians across the country so if you are interested in hosting one in your area, please see our website www.syncthermology.com to find details for your local technician.