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Team Story, Tracy Lomax

Tuesday, August 26, 2014  ‹ Back To Latest News List

Our Yorkshire based technician Tracy Lomax brings a wealth of knowledge to our team, here is a little bit about her.

Tracy trained at the British School of  Osteopathy in London and then went on to qualify as an Equine Osteopath working with an Orthopaedic vet in Banbury Oxfordshire and then trained as a paediatric Osteopath at the Osteopathic Centre for Children in Harley Street.

She has been in practice for 27 years and believes that if you can treat children who cannot describe their symptoms then you can treat anything and anyone, so when she was shown the technology of digital imaging it was an epiphany.

Tracy's love of horses began in North Africa where she was brought up from birth on a horse farm. She was riding bareback in a paddock at the age of 2 and has never been without a horse. Her father used to go to work on a horse with my mother who used to ride it back!

She then went on to South Africa and the Middle East and then boarding school on the Isle of Wight and British School of Osteopathy. Tracy was going to be a vet but when she discovered there was a post graduate course in Equine and paediatric Osteopathy she saw that she could combine it all without having to perform surgery on animals.

She was lucky enough to work with Anthony Pusey ( an eminent equine Osteopath ) at an Orthopaedic Veterinary practice in Banbury, Oxfordshire and then with Gary Witherford  at Equine Management Solutions in Berkshire who taught her natural horse leadership. Gary introduced her to Richard Hannons the top 2 year old trainer in Lambourne and she became the Osteopath to his 2 yards for 5 years and used to treat up to 10 horses a day offering differential diagnosis in lameness with the vet and trainer. If only she owned a camera then!!!

Since marrying a Yorkshire man and having a daughter Tracy has built a thriving clinic in Huddersfield and has a team am of 4 Osteopaths, an acupuncturist, and sports remedial massage therapist who was part of the rehab team for the Derby County football team.

It was when working with Dr John Roberts, holistic dentist that she discovered the technology of DITI. It was a defining moment and she purchased a camera and trained immediately as a medical thermographer with Meditherm.

It was then she met Sophie Gent and her journey with Sync Thermology began. She has never looked back and after presenting to Donaldsons vets in Huddersfield she combines building her Veterinary thermography practice with her medical one in her clinic. She is the Equine Osteopath to the Argentinian Polo team and she does regular presentations and networking in the area and relaxes by riding her two horses, Hugh and Gulliver and walking her two dogs, Friday and Jessica.