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W.E.S Northern Performance Show 2015

Monday, July 20, 2015  ‹ Back To Latest News List

Our North West Branch Manager George had a great weekend at the Western Equestrian Society Northern Performance Show recently, here's here blog :-)

"After settling the horses down on the Friday afternoon it was on with setting up our trade stand and banners. The arena looked fab but boy was it hot!!  My little Lexi  hadn’t been in the show ring before so she was, let’s say “on her toes” . 

The evening went on, training was ongoing with the marvellous Dee Allan and more and more competitors were arriving. I think by 11pm we had all put our heads down to be ready for the off!!

My first class was “Trail”, now I’m no trail queen and as I said Lexi had never competed before. It was only when I saw my number next on the board did the worry set in.. “Oh my goodness, what am I doing? She has not yet conquered the gate, sidepass, right lead lope and to top it all the dreaded bridge with poles either side to make it worse!!” Hey ho, off we go  I thought as I hear “Next in the ring is Georgina O’Connor riding Crioch Sandpiper”  … no going back now!! Bless her, Lexi stood there like a trooper waiting for the judge to nod. To the gate we go, cracked it! Turn and lope…fab. Overshot the poles, not to worry, back up and start the sidepass which seemed like a mile long. Pick up the slicker… the list goes on. Really settled in after she gave right lead lope, things were going well until I remembered the dreaded bridge but after she hesitated a little I asked her to walk on and good god she did it. Amazing. I have never been so relieved to finish a class and in one piece. Her first class and guess what, we were placed 3rd.  What always thrills me just as much as doing well is the support  all the other competitors give you  whether they are in your class or not. It is true to say that WES is an extended family and now we have our practitioners getting involved and loving it. Sarah Heaton (Veterinary Physiotherapist) & Hazel Cox (Invive Animal Health) joined me for the weekend and never had a moment without a smile on their faces.

I can speak for them when I say they simply loved every moment and have made friends with a lot of folks and learnt a lot too about the western disciplines.

Move over Lexi, here comes your big brother “Red” just to show you how its done.  He never ceases to put a smile on my face even when he is on the portly side and doesn’t really want to be doing anything apart from standing with his mates in the collecting ring. Everybody loves Red!! Just gets in there and gets the job done.

Just for kicks and because Lexi had given me maybe a misguided sense of confidence in the ring it was time for Lexi to brave it again and try our first attempt  at reining. We know the moves but can we put it together in a pattern? Oh boy was my girl on edge. No way was she wanting to go anywhere. We set off in lope passed the judge and she fell to pieces. The brakes went on and she had a real dicky fit. Never mind Lexi, not the answer so lets get on with it.   After a couple of circles she started to settle, gave two pretty good spins and rollbacks and I was pretty chuffed with her run downs too but her back up was sublime.  Good girl, that’ll do!! We had been disqualified at the first bend but we pulled it together and gave a good performance. I was really proud of her and she is only four after all. 

Although the riding and competing is what we were all there for, as well as the meal at Guys on the Saturday night with 40 of  the wackiest cowboys and cowgirls I know, presenting SyncThermology’s Overall Hi-Point Sash  to the very lovely Sandra Chapman riding Blossom, was absolutely heart warming and I have to say there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Sandra was bowled over and burst into tears of shear happiness.

Sandra had been working so hard in preparation for the show and it paid off dividends. Such a humble lady indeed.

A huge well done to all competitors, horses and not forgetting the show team.

I can’t wait for the next Northern Performance Show already!!