Head Office: 0845 519 5971

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Region : Kent and South East

Telephone : 07921 611 209

Email : liat.wicks@synccanine.com

Liat’s background is in Zoology and Ecological Research. After obtaining a BSc hons degree in Zoology, she went on to do a MSc in Conservation Biology and a PhD in Biological sciences.

Her subjects of research range from behavioural studies of Sri Lankan Toque Macaque monkeys to the re-introduction of Tamarin monkeys into Brazil, and the conservation and bioacoustics of British bat populations, with her research being published in peer reviewed scientific journals. 

Liat is a Chartered Ecologist specialising in protected species surveys and mitigation for the development, transport and renewable energy sectors. She runs her own consultancy business based in Kent. She is one of very few certified thermographers in ecological consultancy at this time and utilises Science Grade equipment in her work with bats and other protected species. 

The step to join SyncThermology came as Liat was looking to utilise her research, technical skills and interest in thermography in new ways to compliment her existing business. Liat joined SyncThermology in 2019 as a SyncCanine technician working with small animals and will be involved in research projects and Zoology work with SyncThermology going forward.