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Region : Shropshire and West Midlands

Telephone : 07986 088 244

Email : gemma.monk-hartley@syncthermology.com

Being born into an animal loving family, Gemma has been surrounded by dogs and horses since birth. Her first pony Minty arrived when she was three and she's had horses of her own ever since. 

Her career in project management and client services working for marketing, design and website companies has taken her around the world and allowed her to work with some fantastic clients on amazing projects, large and small. But her passion for animals has remained constant she's continuously been educating herself on how to train and manage them in the most natural ways possible to have happy and healthy companions.

She currently has the pleasure of sharing her life with 3 horses; the cantankerous OAP Neville, cheeky chappy Tobie and the Boss, Jess. Gemma shares her sofa (and sandwiches) with Rufus the Gordon Setter (and her other half Michael if there’s space). Whenever asked what she does with her animals the answer is the same - "whatever they enjoy because if they’re happy, I’m happy". At the moment that means hacking, in-hand work and jumping with the horses and long walks, obedience training and some agility with Rufus. 

A recent change of location and life direction has provided her with the opportunity to make her passion for animal health and happiness her work and Gemma joined the SyncThermology team in 2019.  Gemma works with both equine and canine clients with providing services across Shropshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Wales.