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Region : North Manchester

Telephone : 07999786737

Email : kat@syncthermology.com

Kat is based in the north Manchester area where she lives with her beloved Shar Pei- Diesel.

Her passion for animals started at the age of 11 when Kat managed to emotionally blackmail her parents into getting her first puppy. When she was 13 she managed to get lessons in seasonal stables in exchange for helping around the yard. The riding was only seasonal but enough to spark lifetime of passion for horses as well.

Animals were always a big part of Kat’s life but were put on the back burner whilst she was travelling the world and then pursuing a successful career in the transport and logistics sector. After some major life events Kat decided to quit the rat race and focus on what she truly loves doing.

Kat is now studying to become  a Veterinary Animal Physiotherapist and is expected to qualify in 2016. She was always interested in thermography and came across SyncThermology after numerous recommendations from fellow Physiotherapists.

Kat is now regularly riding at her local show jumping school and also perfecting her swing in canter on polo ponies on a polo yard in Chester.