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Region : Reading

Telephone : 07807 882 034

Email : lou@syncequine.com

Louise joined our team in August 2016 and completed her training with us to an impeccable standard. Louise is based in Reading and works with her branch manager Lucy Challis and our team of fellow technicians to provide screening services throughout Berkshire, Oxfordshire & surrounding counties.
Louise has ridden since the age of 9 and when leaving school at the age of 16 she worked in various equestrian establishments including hunt, dressage and event yards. During this time Louise also gained her BHSAI certificate. After having children, Louise took up employment within Children’s Services as a Family Worker and Assessment Coordinator, whilst continuing teaching and riding in her spare time.  Louise’s roles within the children’s sector have involved recognising health and behavioural needs and working holistically to prevent, intervene and support vulnerable families. Louise believes these experiences can be echoed within the equine industry where prevention, monitoring and effective early diagnosis and rehabilitation are also imperative. Louise’s recent redundancy from the local authority came at a great time as she saw the opportunity to return to a full time career where her true passion lies, within the equine industry.
Louise first became interested in thermal imaging when her own event horse was diagnosed with kissing spines. Louise spotted the need for a clinical standard thermology service and had wished she had been offered DITI during her horse’s investigation. It was suspected that the issue was within the sacroiliac joint which was subsequently injected, however, issues continued to develop so x-rays were performed and a slight impingement (low level kissing spines) were detected. The need for multi model imaging was apparent and encouraged Louise to provide our service to local practices.
Louise says
“After much research I discovered SyncThermology not only specialise in clinical thermal imaging but offer a unique way of working within this industry. My experience of working within Children’s Services fit perfectly into the SyncThermology ethos and allows my skills to be used in the most logical and effective way. Working closely with the client alongside their vet and other practitioners as well as SyncThermology’s own team of vets, provides the opportunity to maximise the benefits of the technology for the patient. After contacting Sync, I discovered that they were looking to build their team of technicians and I was fortunate enough to be successful in the interview process. I really enjoyed my training with SyncThermology I am proud to be part of the team.  Already my own experience of DITI has proved really positive and I am even more inspired, excited and confident that my skills will make a difference to our clients and their team of professionals. Most importantly for Sync we aim to improve animal welfare by ensuring our patients receive clinical and scientific standards with DITI is used as part of investigation.”

Sophie Gent MD SyncThermology
“Louise is a great asset to SyncThermology, she is dedicated to providing a clinical and scientific service to her clients and we are delighted to have her on board. Louise’s knowledge and life experience is greatly welcomed to our team and we look forward to working with her to develop an excellent service for the region.”