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Region : Midlands

Telephone : 07766 880 052

Email : michelle.enoch@synccanine.com

Having originally started as an accountant, Michelle has spent 30 years in the marketing sector, for the last 10 as a Director of a marcomms agency specialising in automotive marketing. She and her company had an unrivalled reputation in the industry having created some of the most creative automotive launch events to date, resulting in her main client being awarded the accolade of best in the industry for all 18 years she worked with them. However, having reached her 50s and following a series of operations, culminating in a lifechanging major operation in 2018, she decided to have a radical rethink about work.

Dogs have, since childhood, been a huge part of her life and having an old Dalmatian with hard to diagnose issues, she became interested in thermography as a tool to aid veterinary diagnostics. The non sedation, non invasive approach of thermography ignited her interest in helping older and ill dogs that may otherwise be out of the remit of MRI and x-ray, but yet still have pain that requires identification and treatment. Having also rescued an ‘aggressive’ dog, its ability to identify areas of possible pain was hugely appealing.

Michelle’s new business is, in effect, being created as a form of “canine social enterprise” whereby the paying business, which focuses on both thermography and airborne allergy diagnosis, will be able to then give its services to selected canine charities and rescues to help identify issues and aid rehoming or rehab of dogs supported by these charities. Her key interest is in welfare and giving owners and vets a tool to help identify why their old dog ‘just isn’t quite right’ or ‘can’t get up the stairs so well anymore’. Her lifelong passion for dogs of all shapes and sizes, coupled with her years of servicing big corporate clients, ensures she is committed to giving both pets, and their humans, the best possible service throughout the process and beyond.

When not scanning dogs, she can be found in the company of her own rescue dogs Lottie and Stanley or doing charitable work for a national breed rescue. In addition she has two Spanish horses, her old retired stallion, who she used to ride in a national display team at venues such as Olympia and Dublin, and her gelding who has won at dressage and showing at national level. She is hoping to physically recover enough to be able to resume her ride on him in the side saddle display team.