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 I have found thermography a useful aid in the diagnosis of lameness and back problems in horses, particularly in horses with a dislike of needles making them difficult to nerve block. There are a number of individuals offering thermography services locally but Sync Thermology is my choice because they offer a reliable and professional service with detailed and comprehensive reports issued by experienced interpreters.

Aldington Equine Practice

“Having experience in reading all types of veterinary images- Nuclear scintigraphy, MRI, X-ray, Ultrasound and now thermography, I feel that thermography is one of the most challenging to interpret. Unlike the other imaging modalities you have to remember you are looking at physiology. The images are a map of the nervous system and cardiovascular system function rather than anatomy so they are easily mis-interpreted by the untrained eye. You wouldn’t take your radiographs or bone scans to an untrained person for interpretation, and it amazes that people do this with thermography and expect to get results! When properly used I think thermography is an exciting tool that we can use not only to locate injury, but to detect underlying problems before they develop into serious structural damage.”

Annie Rose Person, MRVCS, Wetreins Equine Clinic
The production of super star high value young horses demands that they must also be extremely sound to be worth the valuation and pass any vetting. I have been working with Sync Thermology and our vets on the preventative side of injuries. With the use of the thermal imaging technology we are able to identify problem areas at the very early stages of injury diagnosis and in some areas before the injury has developed into a full blown injury. The technology has saved me significant sums on what would have become costly veterinary bills, simply by being aware of possible weaknesses in advance and being able to treat/ work / build on these areas to ensure injuries do not occur. Thermology is a great technological innovation that is being used in many sports around the globe, which is why it first got my attention. It is one of many scanning tools we use including X Ray and MRI and should be used in a similar way to ensure your vet has the best information available when considering a treatment plans for my horses.
Anthony Condon, Show Jumper
I am competing at the ultimate level in equestrian sport on a daily basis. I have to ensure that my horses are in the best possible state of well-being from all aspects. I use a number of different tools to establish and monitor my horses health and soundness, the key one being my vet. My vet needs a number of tools to be able to advise me on the best treatments available for my horses including existing technologies such as x-ray and MRI scanning and developing new technologies like thermal imaging. We use thermal imaging on a regular basis as it allows us to pin point far more accurately the problem areas without invasive procedures. It has lead to a significant increase in our ability to identify problem areas, far earlier and implement preventative measures to ensure injuries do not develop from minor to major and is a great preventative tool. With existing injuries it has allowed us to accurately pin point the problem areas for treatment by our vet. During recovery processes, Thermal Imaging has allowed us to monitor the recovery process, ensuring any injuries are fully healed before our horses return to work. In my opinion, thermal imaging is as influential as x ray and MRI in injury diagnostics.
Billy Twomey, International Show Jumper
Centaur Biomechanics has worked with Sync Thermology since 2010 working on various projects, projects such as "Looking at the effect that Ill Fitted Saddles has on the Horses Back" and "The effect that Saddle Slippage has on Limb Kinematics". As a leading biomechanics company specialising in horse and rider performance, it is vital that we source reputable companies with sound and validated protocols. For this reason alone this is why we choose, Sync Thermoloy, Sync Thermology employ the latest thermal imaging tecniques, use clinical standard cameras and have access to leading vets for which the data and images can be interpreted efficiently and accurately. In addition to this, Sync Thermology selective train individuals who can carry out the thermal imaging, by being selective they can ensure the highest standards of scanning along with ensuring the protocols used to obtain the data are maintained and carried out.
Centaur Biomechanics

Miranda is a total pleasure to deal with.  She is both delightful and professional and she had an extraordinarily calming influence on an otherwise fidgety event horse.  She produced her report on time and her follow-up support has been extremely helpful.  The information that I have received from the SyncThermology scans has been very informative and insightful and has helped to produce some clarity and to inform our decision making.  I am very grateful and highly recommend this service and Miranda.

Katha Wood

“Thermal images should be interpreted by expert veterinarians who have been subjected to extensive, peer-reviewed training. The fact that this technology can be purchased by a technician without any prior training or qualification makes it open to abuse. Untrained technicians who perform studies and misinterpret images can give a poor representation of what is a very useful tool in veterinary science. Moreover, there is a spectrum of technology available on the market, much of which is not of a clinical standard, and as such is unsuitable for diagnostic work-up. It is important to know therefore, that your thermographer is using state of the art equipment, and that the images will be interpreted by a qualified scientist. SyncThermology provide this service as standard”

Patrick Sells BVSc BSc (Hons) CertAVP MRCVS

"The Veterinary DITI service that SyncThermology provides has been incredibly useful in the monitoring of our top horses to help to detect potential long and short term problems. It is great to have a baseline and then we screen regularly to compare against previous scans.” 

Polly Stockton – International 3 Day Event Rider

Polly Stockton - International Event Rider