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Training Courses

SyncThermology have years of experience both training technicians and educating professionals but most importantly we operate the business & service that we will teach you about. We pride ourselves on our scientific & clinical approach to thermology along with our commercially driven business edge.

We are able to provide you with an excellent standard of training, courses have been specifically designed to provide proficiency in all aspects of thermology from the science & practical work  to  running your business. Our courses are flexible, you can attend formal courses and access them online for distance learning and refresher modules. If you decide to expand your business in the future our additional courses and support services can be easily accessed online.

Sync Thermology and our team of vets and scientists are changing the way thermology is used in veterinary medicine and our training programs are the beginning. We have three levels of training available along with additional continued professional development courses that you can select to take once your are qualified.

L1 Introduction Course & Professional CPD

L2 Technician Training

We have training locations across the UK and Europe, please contact us for further information on course dates and locations.