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Why use DITI in your practice?

DITI has good clinical utility, is cost effective, risk-free and provides instantaneous real time imaging. It can be used by veterinarians when treating disorders for diagnostic and assessment purposes. Our service is an objective test of physiology and helps maximise your practice's specialist diagnostic skills and ultimately benefit your patients. DITI is an adjunctive test to other diagnostics and can help to both confirm and rule out conditions. It is unique in its capability to show physiological change and metabolic processes, and has been proven to be a very useful complimentary procedure to other diagnostic modalities. Unlike many diagnostic tests, DITI is non-invasive and is a very accurate, reliable method of graphically mapping and displaying skin surface temperature. With DITI you can diagnose, evaluate, monitor and document a large number of injuries and conditions, including soft tissue injuries and sensory/autonomic nerve fibre dysfunctions.

By utilising this technology you can provide your clients with more options for lameness investigation, treatment monitoring and preventive care. The screening service is also an attraction to new clients joining the practice. The demand for this service was originally created via the horse owner and we aim to ensure that this service is given back to veterinary practices and used correctly.

Services we provide

Our team will provide your practice with information on DITI technology for clients, including:

  • Client information leaflets containing your practice’s details.
  • Talks and workshops for client evenings.
  •  Promotion for your practice through our website and our awareness campaigns.
  • Acknowledgment of any involvement in our research projects.
  • Free marketing at conferences and events.