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Dental and sinus issues are all too common in horses and sometimes can be very hard to detect even with an x-ray or endoscope and an exploratory procedure can have more damage than the actual problem.

Thermology is a very good way of using the noninvasive technique to diagnose and monitor these conditions without the need for any sedation or invasive procedures as horses can very quickly become resistant to many different forms of diagnostics but our technology can provide the vet with an accurate area of activity for further investigation to then be justified. 

For monitoring purposes sinusitis can be very difficult to assess and reach an end result without plenty of x-rays and endoscopes to confirm the inflammatory process has gone and therefore the horse has recovered from this.

Likewise with sinus problems dental problems such as tooth fractures which may show something on a x-ray and not actually be the cause of the problem so with Thermology we can see the autonomic dysfuction and processes and can therefore prove that is the cause without painful procedures.

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