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SI injuries are notoriously hard to pin down. With subtle and confusing signs they are easily mistaken for other physical or even behavioural problems. Even a "hunter's bump," a raised area at the top of the croup that's often thought to reveal SI trouble isn't a reliable sign. Any horse can injure his SI joint in a fall or accident. The injury may leave the joint less stable than it was originally and it can become a source of chronic pain. Performance horses may develop SI problems through simple wear and tear and the more mechanical stress the joint comes under the greater the risk. Under stress the joint can be injured in several ways. The SI ligaments can tear, just as ligaments and tendons in a limb can give way under stress. The joint itself like the hock or any other joint can become inflamed. Over time osteoarthritis develops, cartilage wears away and bone remodels. Thoroughbred racehorses sometimes sustain pelvic stress fractures directly over the SI joint and those need to be differentiated from SI joint arthritis.

Thermography can help to rule out or confirm SI dysfunction and assist your investigation; often SI issues are secondary to a different problem. We will provide valuable information that will assist your professional in diagnosis and when providing treatment.

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