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Service to you in four simple steps

Our service allows your practice to offer this technology to your clients without investment into equipment and training. Our screening service is provided by our own team of Veterinary Thermographers who collect, prepare and correlate all necessary data that is needed for interpretation. We cover the UK and Ireland, with each practice being allocated its own Thermographer(s).

1. Case Selection

Our team are on hand to provide you with advice on when to use veterinary DITI as part of your investigation and how effective the imaging may be for particular conditions. We have also included a guide on applications in this booklet.

2. Booking in the Scan

Your practice will contact us to arrange a suitable time for your patient’s screening. We are more than happy to contact your clients directly if needed. Our Thermographers will send out history and preparation forms to your client, and ensure that the screening location is suitable. Scans can be collected at the client’s location or at your practice if required.

3. Performing the Scan

A base line scan will initially be conducted and, depending on clinical signs and history, the horse will normally need to be stress tested to induce or exacerbate the complaint. Once stress testing has been completed a second set of scans will be required. Our Thermographers will then have sufficient information and the scans will be prepared for interpretation by our team of vets.

4. Results

Results will be sent directly to your practice and will include a detailed analysis, full set of relevant scans and any additional information our vets would like to add. Processing time is normally 48 hours.

Why work with our service?

SyncThermology provide a clinical standard physiological imaging service to veterinary practices. Our aim is to ensure your clients are working with the technology under your referral. Physiological imaging is a valuable tool in medicine that can contribute to diagnosis and treatment monitoring when used correctly as an adjunctive imaging modality. Thermal imaging is affecting the industry in many different ways but the impact of clients outsourcing the technology before clinical examination or discussion with their veterinary surgeon is the major cause for concern. There are many thermographers covering the UK who propose to image patients and report on findings for a fraction of the price of a true diagnostic procedure.

As a company, we receive many enquiries from owners who are trying to outsource the technology to avoid going to their vet but this is where SyncThermology steps in to educate your clients. We provide our service through veterinary practices and work from your referral when you sign up to our service. Practices that work with us have improved relationships with their clients, opened more investigations and have put a stop to the outsourcing of thermal services. Clinical thermology is part of the future for the veterinary industry, we want to work together to provide a quality controlled screening service, and ensure all patients are receiving clinical and scientific standards when thermology is used as part of an investigation.

Who are you working with?

Our company has a background in human medicine and our sister company SyncMedical works with professionals and their patients to assist in the diagnosis of disease and injury. SyncThermology was founded in 2008 and has been developed by Sophie Gent, her team of veterinary surgeons and imaging technicians. We provide a national service to practices along with educational programs and research services.
Pioneering for technology takes time, dedication and commitment to quality and the team at SyncThermology are committed to the advancement of clinical thermology.

Business Packages For Your Practice

We have developed a three step model for practices who choose to work with our service. The model is designed to be flexible, simple and increase revenue for your practice. Your level of commitment can increase as you work with us and gain more confidence in the technology and the service we provide. Thermology is a growing area of the veterinary industry and has therefore become a commercially viable service for a practice to provide.

Level 1 - Introductory Package

To get our relationship started we understand that you may not want to over commit until you have worked with our service so we have kept things simple. This package is for practices who want to work in conjunction with us and we will encourage your clients to discuss our service with you before booking.
What will we do?

 - Register your practice on our website
 - Encourage clients to discuss the case with you before booking
 - Work together to correlate results

Prevents clients outsourcing other thermal services
Encourages clients to discuss investigation options with you as they know thermology is available through the practice

Level 2 - Package

Our service will become part of your practice and we will only visit your clients following your referral. There will also be professional fees paid by SyncThermology when your clients use the service. The below can be tailored to suit your requirements.

What will we do?

- Your practice will have an extended registration listing on our website. We will promote you at any local events we attend and ensure your clients  are aware that the service is offered through your practice.
 - We will supply your practice with literature that can be handed to clients.
 - We will run a client evening for you to launch the new service.
 - You will receive regular updates and access to our resource system.
 - Our local team will tailor the service for you to ensure you are happy with how the results and aftercare are provided to your clients.
 - You have the option to join our quarterly campaigns which will encourage specific investigations. We produce a printed client newsletter every quarter that encourages the discussion of different conditions and topics. These will be provided to your practice for distribution.
 - Our company attend many local shows and national events along with writing for magazines. Practices we already work with have benefited from this extra exposure.
 - We can provide your team with service training and a free CPD session.

Level 3 - Interpretation & Business Package - New For 2017

Your practice will have access to our L2 package along with the Veterinary Thermologist program for one of your vets. This allows you to provide an in house reporting service for your clients and generate additional revenue for your practice. Our program is £2000+vat and includes online training and all interpretation software. We have developed an interpretation and business management system where we can handle interpretation payments and ensure admin is kept low for your team. Our server is quality controlled by our vets who offer support and guidance during the reporting process. There is a monthly service fee of £30 that covers support, software and admin for your clients.


To discuss business opportunities further or to sign up to either our L1 or L2 package, please contact the team. We can provide you with further information on our current structure for professional fees along with any specialist requirements you would like to discuss.

If you would like to consider training one of your team as an interpreting thermologist and signing up to the L3 package then contact us for more information.

We are launching new allergy testing technology and software over the coming months, if you would like to be kept up to date with technology developments please contact the office or your local branch manager.